The pursuit of Interest


A close friend was down in the dumps recently. He had been having relationship problems and was despairing a little. Now I am by no means a relationship expert as can be attested by my history but I like to try and make people feel good.

So the advice I had was that the relationship his youthful hormone, driven self, wanted so badly would not make him happy. What he needed to pursue was happiness in being by himself. By doing so he would become more confident and that confidence would help him when it came to inevitable relationships.

Thinking about it I think this is good advice for anyone. So, I intend to improve my life by dedicating some time to becoming more interesting. If you asked people around me they would probably say I am very interesting. But it’s a ruse. Yes I have stories from my youth but the main structure of how I am defined interesting is my ability to relay other peoples stories. Stories about my Fathers life, stories about my old boss, stories about my young apprentices and the mistakes and successes. But nothing really about me.

So I am dedicating my lunch hour every week to doing things. 2-3 days I will write my blog, inspired by the goings on around me and my lamenting at a cruel and cold world. Then on the other days I will draw, read and research things that interest me but I never find time for. I shall try and plan some trips in the UK, probably on my own because I find it will probably be more interesting to do so.

This leads into my pursuit of happiness. I will write another blog about that another time.

Hope you are having a great day!


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