Kicking the booze update

Just over a week and I can say it has been fairly easy. I have busied myself in the kitchen as soon as I get home to make nice food, avoided going out after work with friends to avoid temptation, tried to avoid nipping to the corner shop and just generally avoided situations which would encourage drinking. I am always proud of myself when I walk past the aisle in the supermarket or the fridges in the local shops.

Couple of parties this weekend so I made myself designated driver which helps. I managed to say “No thanks I am driving” for the first half of the evening then let slip in conversation I had stopped drinking. At that point the questions started coming and I was honest. As soon as you start saying “I have a problem” people seem to shut the conversation down quickly. I hope that it wasn’t upsetting for them. I don’t even know why I am thinking that.

Turned out there was another chap there doing the same thing so that always makes it easier.

I think it gets harder form here. Getting busier at work and its getting warmer so everyone wants to go out in the evening to pub gardens (it’s still about 5 degrees C at night but if the suns out in the day people seem to forget) and in the coming months I have a few events that I may drink at.

That will be a test. Probably not a good idea


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