The anywheres

As I drove to work this morning I listened to a religious gentleman (I wasn’t listening at the start so I am unsure to what religion he belongs) talking about politicians. He criticises the career politicians who uproot themselves from their communities to chase their political careers in places they have no real connection.

Part of me agrees with this criticism. But then another part of me doesn’t. Something that really gets me down about the human race is our tribal and insular behaviour. We hope to succeed in the modern world yet we are increasingly putting up more barriers and taking time to point out each others differences. We are not even celebrating differences. A difference is a weapon that you can use to control people. Especially if you are in the majority but it’s not always the case.

What I am trying to say is that “anywhere” politicians are doing something I think we should all do. We shouldn’t feel a part of this place, country, hemisphere or race. We should feel like a part of humanity. Now there is a word that is misused. “Humanity” It makes me think of kindness and sharing. Looking out for one another. But if you look at the entire history of Humanity you will see pain and suffering for thousands of years.

We need to start thinking globally and outside ourselves for us to move into the future. Failure to do so is going to end badly for us.


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