Two weeks down


So it’s two weeks now without drink and it is getting harder. I’m tired, bored and stress level are ramping up both at work and home.

Initially going to the supermarket was relatively easy. Stay to the veg aisle and keep focussed. When I walked past any alcohol offers I felt a sense of pride as I was not drawn in. But last night in Sainsburys it felt like I was in some sort of shrine to alcohol. At the end of every row was an offer on beer, wine or spirits, sat there tempting me back.

Also I sat and watched Bridget Jones baby. Great film, I love the series, but my god it made me fondly remember drinking. Every other scene had a bottle of something as one of the central characters.

But I endure

it is getting very easy to justify having a drink though. I’ve done well to get this far, I didn’t really have a problem, I would only have one or two to get a buzz and have some fun then I can get back on the wagon, it’s been a stressful recently you probably deserve it. Perhaps I could just have the one? I never used to be able to though. And that’s not really the point. I am going through this process for me, nobody else, and if I cannot do that then what can I do?

I think this weekend will be hard. Probably this evening the hardest. Even as I typed this I thought to myself “Yeah you could have a couple of cans mate”

One thing that I would have hoped improved over the two weeks was my weight. I have been eating super clean and not drinking at all yet my weight! My weight remains at a healthy 15 stone. I say healthy. It isn’t. Lets see if I can make it to three weeks! Next Friday is month end and that will be super hard. Maybe I will have a drink for getting through that but when I have got to 3 weeks surely pushing to 4 is the best policy?


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